Who has whiter but.

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While me and my cousin were saying that each other had a whiter but, so we lined up against the wall and I took a picture with my phone, we were the same in the picture so we asked my mom to tell us so we lined up an she said my cousin had a whiter but. I laughed and turned around and said while who has a whiter front (I’m a guy and shes a girl) and she said my cousin had a whiter front, but before we made a bet, whoever had a whiter but had to get spanked at our next football party with there but covered in white powder, my mom got my cousin, bent her over and spanked her, the powder didn’t come off, so now me and my cousin go in our back yard cover every part of us except our but and lie on the concrete to get darker well my cousin fell asleep one day, I stopped because I got my front and back like the rest of my body. So she fell asleep for 7 hours on the concrete and to make her up, I spanked her and she flipped and said owwwwww and I slapped her front, and she said owwww so they I pushed her boobs together and she said ahhhhhhhhh stop, so now every time I see her I spank her and I told my mom and now we torture her.