Spanked naked!

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Okay I’m a 13 year old boy and I have a habit of always having my hand in my pants. If I’m at home or at school. All the girls think it’s really hot. But my mom hates it. Last week when she came home I was on the couch watching tv with my hand in my pants. But I don’t get what the big deal is. It’s not like I’m stroking my thing or masterbating. It’s just my hand in my pants on top of my underwear. And I just grab it or itch it once and a while through my boxers. But she came home and she saw my hand in there and said “NEXT TIME I SEE YOU TOUCHING YOURSELF LIKE THAT IM GOING TO PULL DOWN YOUR PANTS AND SPANK YOUR HINEY UNTIL IT IS RED!” I was scared to be honest and I didn’t want my “hiney” to get spanked so I was careful and I always made sure that she wasn’t around when I had my hand in there. About a week later I was really tired so I laid down on the couch and put my hand in my pants. About an hour later I woke up to my mom standing over me. I didn’t know that my hand was in my pants so I was like what and she called down my sister and her two friends (16 years old) my mom pulled me up and ripped my arm out of my pants. She said “I told you what would happen if I caught you again. So my sister came downstairs with her friends and my mom told them to watch. She took my shirt off and socks and pants and I was left in my boxers. I really didn’t want her to take them off because I had just started puberty and I only had a little bit of hair and I’m like 2 inches soft. She pulled off my underwear and I covered up right away. She got behind me and spanked me but it didn’t hurt. I think se just wanted me to be embarrassed and she didn’t really want to hurt me and then she told me to stand up and spread my legs and face the girls. I turned around and I spread my legs with both hands covering my penis. I was starting to get hard from the breeze and if I uncovered my mom my sister and her friends would see my penis spazing out. My mom said that I let the girls spank me two times each or I do ten jumping jacks. I didn’t want to take my hands off so I said that they can spank me. My mom told me to get on my elbows and knees and stick my butt up in the air. I tried to do it still covering but it didn’t work so I got down and as soon as I lifted my butt my penis started moving and shaking on its own because of my erection. My sister and her friends screamed and laughed and started spanking me. My ass was bright red and I started to cry. My mom told them to stop because I had a full erection and I was crying. My mom may be hard on me with punishments but when she sees me get really upset she will stop. Everyone was laughing at me except mom. She ran over to me and covered me up which was so awkward and to be honest I was hard and even though she’s my mom I don’t know how I didn’t cum but I’m happy that I didn’t. She got my boxers and put them on and pulled them up and took my dick and put it in my underwear. I couldnt believe that she touched it not once but twice. So embarrassing I’m 15 now and I have never put my hands in my pants EVER again and I’m not planning on it either.