Naked with sister and friend

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This happened when I was 14 year old. We had a 12 feet long and 5 feet tall masonry tank in our backyard in which we used to first pump water into before watering the plants. My parents were away and I and my sister were at home. After I returned home one afternoon, I decided to take a dip in the tank and stripped and climbed the tank wall and sat there with just my legs in the water for sometime before I got into the tank. Little did I know that my sister and her friend were watching me from my sisters window. While I was enjoying myself they hid my towel and clothes and hid behind a shed. After my bath I jumped out naked and was shocked to find my clothes missing. While I looked around for my clothes, I heard someone say “Hi” and turned to see my sister and her friend grinning at me. I immediately covered my penis and they laughed. I was embarrassed and dashed to the backdoor and was shocked to find it locked. The girls were laughing hysterically and I was angry and yelled at them to give my clothes back. They laughed and mocked me and my sisters friend asked me to put my hand on my head so they could see me clearly. They said that if I don’t do as they say they I will have to be naked outside the house. I was scared of being locked out naked and after some hesitation I removed my hand they giggled looking at my penis that was now erect. They then asked me to jump up and down a few times and when I did they laughed seeing my penis shake and then they asked me to turn around and they took turns to slap my ass for fun. Then my sisters friend caught my penis and then my sister also felt it and they joked about how it felt. And I pleaded for my clothes but that only made them laugh and they whispered something and while my sisters friend caught me, my sister opened the back door and went inside and got a set of her clothes and they dressed me as a girl and took me out for a walk around the neighborhood. I was lucky that there was no one whom I knew was around. When we came back we all laughed(including me).