Naked and spanked infront of my family!

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This happened last summer. We have a beach house in North Carolina and we always go with my cusions. I’m a 13 year old boy and I have two sisters who are 15 and 6. My cusions are all girls. There are twins who are both 6 and another who is 15 so pretty much I’m the outcast and the only boy besides my uncle and dad. The sleeping arrangements were me, my sister and my cusion in one room and then the three 6 year olds in another. There was a bunk bed and then a normal bed. I had the normal bed and my cusion and my sister had the bunks. One day, everyone was home and my sister and my cusion were going to go to the beach. I was in my room watching tv and I was bored and so I went on YouTube and I saw that my friend sent me a link to a video so I looked at it and it was a really sexy girl stripping and dancing around. I got really hard and I was looking at the video suggestions and there were a lot of sexy girls and I had a full erection. I didn’t know what to do so I got naked and I grabbed a pillow and sat on it and humped it and rubbed my penis all over it and I was giving myself a hang job and I started to hump the pillow again for about 3 minutes and I turned around to find my cousin and my older sister VIDEO TAPING ME! I was so embarrassed and I covered up and tried to run to get my clothes but my sister stopped me and pushed me back onto the bed and straddled me sitting right on my hard dick. She was grinning and mockingly asked what I was doing to the pillow. I told her to get out and I was trying to push her off and cover my dick better but she said that it’s her room too so she wasn’t going to get out. I pushed her off me and I begged her not to tell my mom. She said that she wouldn’t tell anyone if I stayed naked for the rest of the time whenever I was sleeping or whenever I was in the room I had to be naked which was like 2 weeks. I was so desperate so I said okay. Little did I know they set up a trap to “teach me a lesson”. When I was sleeping one night, naked of course, they picked me up out of my bed and brought me into the living room and laid me on the couch so when everyone woke up they would all see me naked. And it was a good plan because usually everyone wakes up before me and my sister and older cousin but they obviously woke up in time to see what everyone would say. I woke up the next morning with my mom, my dad, my aunt and uncle and everyone all standing over me. At first I was out of it and didn’t know where I was or that I was naked but that changed shortly. When I looked around I noticed that I didn’t have a shirt on so I looked down and remembered about the deal and I screamed and jumped up and covered my penis. I tried to run away but my mom grabbed my arm and asked why I was naked in a calm voice. I said that I didn’t do this and that it was my sister and my cusion. She didn’t believe me but when it comes to being naked, my mom gets very mad and she thinks that it’s completely inappropriate and once my sister was wearing a vneck shirt and you could see in her bra a little if she bent down so she got grounded for 3 days. I was so scared to hear what my mom was going to say. She yelled at me first and gave me a lecture and then she told me to get on the floor and go on my hands and knees. I knew exactly what she was going to do. She was going to spank me. I got down with one hand holding me up and the other covering and she spanked me until my ass was red and I started to cry when I realized that I was being video taped by my sister. With all the teasing and laughing I got a boner. I was humiliated and mortified. She pulled me up and dragged me to the bathroom and she ran a shower and put me in probably so my boner would go away. When I got out she wrapped a towel around me and pulled me onto her lap and then she said to me, “Baby, your sister told me what you looked up on YouTube and she also told me that you were doing inappropriate things to yourself when the girls weren’t home. I really hope that you learned your lesson and I know that you won’t do it again. I didn’t mean to make you cry but I just wanted to get the point across that even if we are family, you don’t let anyone see your wittle pee pee except for me, okay?” and then she squeezed my balls a little through my towel and gave me a hug and left. I was so embarrassed infront of my family for the rest of the two weeks. It was the worst vacation and the most embarrassing two weeks of my life! Now my sister always shows me the videos of me jacking off and my mom spanking me. It’s so embarrassing and she makes me pull down my pants sometimes so she won’t post them.