my sister peed on my lap

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When i was about 12 years old i started going through puberty. And my penis staryed getting larger. And one day i was useing the bathroom which i was sitting on the toilet and my sister who was 16 and somking hot knoked on the door saying hurry up and that she had to go too. So i decides to just stay in there just to see what she would do. And after about ten more minutes she couldnt hold it any longer so she barged in on me and said if i didnt get up she would me on me. And of coarse i didnt believe her so she spread my legs apart and pulled down her pants and undies and sat on me. Since my legs were spread she could pee right between them which is exactly what she did. In all honesty i loved it. Her ass ony lap and her pussy between my legs got me really horny. I started to get a borner and my penis got bigger and toched my sisters pussy. She got horney too. Then i put my arms around her waist and went between her legs and rubbed her crotch. She told me to put my penis in her vagina so i did and we had sex rigjt there on the toilet. Now when ever i feel horney or she feels jorney we play with eachother and have sex all the time. By the way im 16 now and she is 20 and man is she amazing in bed.