Why me!!!

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I was about 14 when this happened, i was at a camp and it was girls and boys, So we were at a wooden sleep house. The adults and consellurs left. We all got up and started playing truth or dare. Then the “leaders” of the boys and girls said all the girls with get down to there thongs/panties and bras for the whole night if just 1 boy would get naked for the whole night,but it was there pick of who. All the boys at there own risk agreed. So next, They looked at all boys until they all got into a huddle and agreed, They chose me. My first though was F**k! Then i though maybe they were just messing around, I was skinny,short, and like half the girls there saw me in white classic briefs last year when i got pansted. my second though was Maybe they’ll let me cover myself for the night. Then i knew they were serious when all the girls took off there tops, 4 of the girls werent wearing bras so i got a huge boner. Then they told me too strip. I screamed NO! Then 2 boys pushed me towards them and i slipped and pulled 1 girls bra off. I started laughing. Then the girl got up and kneed me in the balls and she and her friends stripped me naked and took me to put on the ripped bra. So then i said that wasnt part of the deal. So they pushed me outside, and BURNED all my clothes. So i though they were gonna make me be naked for the next week. The next morning i walked in on my best friend and the girl i accidently ripped her bra having sex. All the other boys and girls were at the pool. I said did u atleast keep my bathing suits? She said check ur bag. All i found was a bikini top and a very small speedo. So i went to my other bag, got my camera took a picture of the 2 making out,and naked. i sent it to my best friends mom all the other people at camp. Everyone though they hated each other. The next night. Of course there was another deal like the one before. All the boys had to wear one of the girls bikinis if half the girls would go skinny dipping the next day. I said yes alot faster then the others because i was already naked. They locked me in the sleep house so i couldn’t tell one of the adults. Being naked and in girls swim suits was sorta worth seeing like 20 girls butt naked and wet. I was kinda a man slut back then. Now i can see one of the girls which is now my gf naked on the weekend nights. She still makes fun of me because of that. I was very small for 14. I was like a inch and a half at 14!! And i wore briefs still i was 19. Now im 22 and very sexual.