Sister tried to make me pee, but something else came


I am a person who usually finds it difficult to pee even in the mens room when there is some other person around and it usually takes me some time to adjust to the situation and start the flow. When I was starting high school I was back home after playing with some friends. My sister who is 5 year my senior was alone at home opened the door for me. My bladder was full and I shot straight to the toilet. I had barely started relieving when my sister who was asking me something when I entered the house followed me into the toilet. The flow which had just started stopped instantly when I realized she was in the toilet. She was still talking to me and came straight in front of me and leaned on the wall beside the bowl directly in front of me and I saw her glance momentarily down at my winky while continuing to talk to me. I guess I froze with her presence that I was still holding it in my hand and I remember I was looking straight at her. It appeared as if she did not find it inappropriate in any way that she was there. Then she looked down again and said “aren’t you gonna pee“. At this point I found myself getting stiff. She then commented about my winky saying how big it had become and told me of how it looked like a littile peanut bean when I was younger.

I guess I woke up just then from my freeze, and I put it in and told her to go out. She giggled and said, “Did you forget how to pee?” and prodded me to pee. I was really embarrassed and told her to get out. She laughed and said “Let me show you how to pee and pushed me a little back and pulled her pajama and  panty down and sat down. And with her teasing giggle she almost immediately started to pee and while still peeing she said “see, its so easy”. I was even more taken aback that she did not even feel shy that she was naked waist down in front of me. Then she got up and pulled me to the bowl and told, “Now you try”. I don’t remember what I replied but I remember I was half wanting to pee, now that she did something that I could not do. And half I of me was still finding this really inappropriate. Seeing that I was doing nothing she started removing my belt and I remember saying to her “Don’t so that” but I did not really stop her. She soon pulled down  my trouser and underwear and before I realized I was standing naked waist down with a huge boner with her chanting “pee pee” repeatedly. 

I tried to pee, but I think the whole episode made my pee freeze in my bladder that nothing came and my sister was standing beside with one hand patting my bare butt and with her head on my shoulder watching my boner in my hand that I was holding down pointing it in the bowl. Then she again moved in front of me and leaned on the wall and told me to close my eyes and think that she did not exist there and pee. I closed my eyes and tried and finally managed a few(really few) drops and tried to say I did it. But she giggled again and said to pee properly like she did. I closed my eyes again and tried, but I think I just could not convince myself that I was alone that nothing came. She then started teasing me saying stuff like, “If you can’t even pee in front of me then what would you do when you have a girlfriend“. I really tried hard but this talk just made my penis that was just softening hard again. 

Then when my eyes was closed I felt her hand between my legs, she then lifted my balls a bit. I resolved not to open my eyes and this touching made my boner have a boner and i heard her giggle and sing something like “my brother has a stiffy” and i was really relieved when she remove her hand and said “come on, its not so difficult“. I opened my eyes and she made some funny faces and said, “here let me hold it for a while” and she came next to me again and took my winky from my hand. This really got me horny and about a minute later I guess she got bored of just holding it down. She now tried stuff like pushing my boner with one finger to point it in the bowl. Then she caught it full hand for a few moment and it looked like she was experimenting with my boner’s flexibility. And all this was making me more and more horny and I did not know what to do and then suddenly I could feel myself coming and I tried to run away but she was catching my hand and she held it tighter not letting me to go. And I blew my load all over myself. And I was so embarrassed I sat down crying on the floor. She too seemed taken aback with what happend and she tried to comfort me and cleaned me took me to the bedroom. 

She did say sorry to me at that time, but then even after years she teases me when she sees me going inside the toilet saying “shall I come in too“. But I always remember to bolt the door. This was the most embarrassing thing so far and I don’t think I will ever be so much embarrassed again.