Naked infront of my sister and her 3 friends

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Over the summer my parents went out for a night with their friends. I am a 15 year old boy and my sister is 17. We love to pull pranks on each other and embarrass each other whenever we have the chance. She invited two of her friends over and when they came I was in the shower. I walked out of the shower and into my room to get dressed. My sister’s name is Alex, her friends names are Olivia and Victoria. I got dresses and went to go clean up the bathroom and I had to pee, so while I was peeing Olivia, Alex and Victoria barged in through the door and started cracking up at my 4 inch penis. I was soo embarrassed and so I stopped peeing and shoved my cock back in my pants as fast as possible. All I wanted to do was die. I was so embarrassed that her and her friends had just saw me and my “member”. So, obviously, my sister jumped on the opportunity to embarrass me. She said, “what’s the matter, Anthony? You forgot how to talk?” and then her and her friends started laughing. I finally came back to reality and screamed, “get out Alex!”. She, of course said no. So then she went behind me and pulled down my pants and underwear revealing my dick. She took my pants and underwear from me and put them under water so there was no point in trying to get them and put them on all wet. So she said, “come on, it’s not that hard. Take it in your hands and just pee.” I was so done with them standing there looking at me that I just tried to grab a towel and run to my room, but no. Her friends who were in on the prank blocked the door and I couldn’t get out then my Olivia whispered something in Alex’s ear. From what happened I think she said “let’s get him hard!” so then Alex and Victoria came over to me while Olivia blocked the door with a perfect view of my penis. My sister took it out of my hands and handed it to Victoria knowing that I think she is hot. So Victoria started to lightly squeeze it which got me hard. I was now about 5 inches long and then my sister smacked my bear but and all the laughing and teasing just got me to become fully erect. They told me to pee so I took my penis and started to try to pee when I felt something else start so come up. I was about to shoot cum all over my sisters hand so I started running to the door when Olivia pushed me away and I shot cum all over my legs and the floor. I was so embarrassed and I tried to hold back my tears as much as I could but they were all still staring at me, so all my tears just started to silently roll down my cheeks. They all felt so bad for me and I could tell. My sister got a wipe and started to wipe down my leg. Victoria and Olivia were standing behind her not knowing what to do so they handed me some wipes so I could wipe off my dick because they knew the last thing I wanted was someone to be touching me there again. Victoria started to wipe the floor while Olivia ran to my room and got me clean boxers and pajama shorts. They threw out all the wipes and they all apologized again but that didn’t mean I was less embarrassed. But it’s okay now because to make it up to me they all had to tell my mom that they had a sex party while they were gone.