Is it ok to wear women\’s underwear?

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When i was 16, i had a thing for womens underwear. So heres what happened, My parents where the “no matter how old we get, u still take me on dates.” Type. So my dad always took my mom on a date every wensday and saturday night. My older sister’s room (18) had a perfect view of the driveway. She went off to collage 2 weeks before this all started. My parents left on a date on a saturday night when i decided, im 16 and ive never accually seen a girl in underwear or undressed, So i walked into my older sister’s bedroom and went for her underwear/swimsuit drawer. I opened it and sitting there all folded up was thongs,panties,bras,bikinis,g-strings, thong-bikini bottems and panty-hoes. I always though my first time seeing alot of girl’s underwear would be like me getting alot of girls at once, when i turned 12, i knew that would never happen. I had no idea what i was gonna do next, At first, i got a boner, then i stripped of all my clothes and began to put her underwear on, i was very skinny and very short and very small down “there.” So at first i was embarrassed for myself, then i noticed because i was small down “there” the thongs weren’t half bad. the bras made me feel very awkward. Then i tryed on panties. then bikinis then i put a thong, then panties, then a mini skirt i found. I felt like the biggest homo i very met. I felt bad but i enjoyed it, Then my parents came home and i put it all back and ran to the bathroom and put my underwear/shirt/pants back on before they noticed. The next tuesday i got my first real girlfriend. I completey forgot about that insadint until my and my girlfriend were getting sorta serious and i invited her over (which i forgot about) on a wensday, i forgot i invited her over that day so when my parents left i went into my sisters room and put on a bright-blue laced g-string and went into my bed room and layed down on my bed for 10mins and then i went into my guest room and layed there. Then i got up and noticed my girlfriend standing over me laughing her head off. She said i looked cutie in blue girl undies. My face got red, my dick got shrived up and She then stripped down completey and told me the thong turned her on. We began to make out until she told me to stand up, i was pedrofied. So i did, She pulled the thong down to my ankles and began to suck me. At first i though “OMG What is happening!” Then i though “this is what sex is like” Then i heard her say i should wear that underwear everywhere. I said “please, dont tell anyone, PLEASE!” She said if we slept at her house the next day, if i tryed on her underwear the whole night tomorrow, she wouldn’t tell anyone. but if i said no, she would tell everyone and tell everyone i was bad in bed. I agreed but then said, if we have sex tomorrow when we are done, i will go skinny dipping with u. She agreed. We did all that, then She continued to suck me until i screamed like a little girl. Then she said i was small. Then we had naked sex on my guest room bed for 2hours until my parents got home. Now we are married living in a beach house in new jershy, We often fuck each other in our outdoor shower, WET,HOT,SEXY,NUDE,AND SHES ASIAN= Bonerx10