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So I’m a guy, and this was 3 years ago when I was like 10. I was there with some of my friends (2 girls, 2 guys). We were camping by a lake. Anyways, one day we were going swimming, and me and my guy friends was swimming underwater. As I was coming up to the surface, I felt something grab hold of my swimsuit and drag it right off, leaving me completely naked. I looked back, only to see a large underwater plant thing with my swimsuit. But then, a large, fast fish swam by and stole it (I think he thought it was food maybe?), swimming out of sight.

So, now I’m left totally naked. I quickly cover up my thing, completely and totally embarrassed. Of course, my shirt “mysteriously” disapeared, although it wasn’t long enough to really cover anyways.

However, I wasn’t alone. After a game of truth or dare, we all ended up naked (and clothes again “mysteriously” fly up high into a tree). So when my dad arrived to pick us up, he made us tell him what happened.

But that’s not all. He decided that we had to take a few pictures of all of us, butt naked, before we could get in, showing both sides and our faces. So that’s almost the whole story, other then coming home to find everyone hid my clothes and never told me where they were for a weak.