Unwanted erection

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     I was the youngest boy in my family with two older sisters.  My sisters were two and three years older.  We really didn’t do much together;  they usually teased me and just enjoyed making me feel inferior.   When the family did stuff, then I guess, we did things together.  One of the things my family did was to go canoe picnicing on a local lake of Sundays.  My mom and dad paddled, bow and stern, while me and my sisters sat in the middle of the canoe.  They sat side by side facing me, sitting facing them.  A canoe isn’t all that big, and we did our best to not let our feet touch as we sat facing each other – ever.

    This was in the 60’s and the boy swimsuit style in our area was the speedo type suit. (I don’t think Speedo was even established yet)  Our town had a nice, big pool, and we were all on the swim team, so the speedo type, nylon swimsuit was all we ever knew.

    Anyway, this one sunday when I was a hormonal 13 year old, we were out on the lake in the canoe, paddling to our favorite picnic site on the shore.  We 3 kids were seated as I described in the middle of the canoe, we were all wearing our usual swimsuits.  It was a little rough that day and the canoe bounced through the waves.  I usually enjoyed this, but today the bouncing was giving me a boner – in my small, nylon swimsuit.  I kept my knees pulled up with legs together to keep my situation hidden.  And as it goes at times like that for a boy, the more he wants it to go away, the harder it gets.  And so it was with me.

    Soon we arrived at out site, and it was time for all to get out of the canoe, and carry out stuff up for swimming and hotdog BBQ. When the canoe was in water that was about a foot deep, my mom and dad stepped out and taking a couple of bags, walked up a small hill to the site.  My sisters got out, one on each side, and held the canoe steady for me to get out.  The canoe has to empty before it can be pulled up onto the shore – that was always our job.

    So there I sat with a raging boner, knees pulled up to my chest, with my two sisters yelling at me to get out.  Now I was only 13, but I was into puberty and my erection was far from my little boy stiffy.  Nothing huge here, but in a small nylon swimsuit, absolutely nothing can be hidden.  I had to get up and get out.  My sisters were yelling at me and if I didn’t move, my mom and dad would be down – then what?  So I got up, holding onto the sides of the canoe with both hands as you had to do if you didn’t want to fall.  To step out, I had to stand up and hold on at the same time.  I did, with my boner sticking straight out from under my suit;  Nylon hides nothing.  I was bright red with embarrassment, as I think I had the hardest boner I had ever had with them looking at me.

    Of course they saw it all, and started to giggle.  “What’s ya got in your swimsuit Joey?” one asked and giggled.  “Looks like you’re gonna rip a hole in them.”  Giggle, giggle….  “I didn’t know we were camping out….. Joey’s already put up his tent!”  Giggle giggle! 

    I ran up the hill and yelled to my parents that I was going to get firewood and disappeared into the woods.  My sisters pulled the canoe out of the water – still talking and now outright laughing. 

   I did go and find firewood, and in the process, it went away, and with a deep breath, I came back to our camp, to slight giggles and almost non-stop starring at my crotch for the rest of the day.

    Interesting how the ones who are supposed to love you the most can be the most crewl.

    I had a lot of mixed feelings about it.  I was of course embarrassed, but not ashamed.  Part of me actually enjoyed it, although it took me a while to realize that.  Once it had gone away and I was back in camp, I did like having them starring at my softee all afternoon – hoping that it would spring to life I’m sure.  In fact, I sort of pushed my small, soft bulge out a bit for them to get a better look.  Thankfully, I didn’t get another erection that afternoon.