Embarrassing class trip

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When I was in the 5th grade my class went on field trip to the beach. My mom was there as one of the other 5 moms watching us. I got into a fight with this other kid named Ken. He was 2 years younget than me. We got into a wrestling match. My mom and another teacher came to pull us apart. My mom grabbed me under my arms and the teacher grabbed Ken by his feet to pull him off me. When they pulled us apart Ken grabbed hold of my swim trunks. Within 2 seconds my trunks were pulled completely off my body. My mom and the other teacher were in shock. Ken got loose from the teacher and ran with my trunks. THe whold class came over to see what was happening. Now I was naked in front of all my class mates…mostly girls…my mom the other teachers and 4 other mothers.Everyone was laughing…even my mom. Although she tried to hide it by putting her hand on her mouth. I covered my ass with one hand and my dick with the other. My mom grabbed a towel and covered me. We walked to the car and she stepped on the towel and pulled it off….WORST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!