Embarrassed by my friend Frank

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One time during the summer my friend Frank and I were in his backyard peeking through his bushes to the yard behind his house. There was a party going on with a bunch of girls in their 20s. They were all hot and in their bikinis. We had a great view looking over and down through the thick bushes. They couldnt see us. I was trying to get a better view and tried to peek through a little more. Frank at that point decided for fun to push me. I went flying throuh the bushes. My trunks got caught on the dense brush. I landed througn to the other side on my naked ass. There was total silenvce at first. THan all the girls came over and started laughing ther asses off at my naked body. Frank reached through and grabbed my trunks and ran. I covered my self and ran to Franks yard..he was gone.