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I’m 14 an I wet the bed once when I was 9 so my mom don’t trust me so she makes me wear a diaper everynight an she had a date the other night an she got me a baby sitter an the baby sitter was a boy I’m a girl an I have no boobs barly yet well I didint know she got me a babysitter I was up in my room naked because I was going to go sit in my bath tub when suddenly my mom came up with him an said lola this Is chad your babysitter an looked at me an said o are you getting in the tubby an my mom comes an watches me eveytime I take a bath so she told him just watch her in the tubby an you can wash her if you want an then give her something to eat then putt on her night time diaper an put her in bed an she left I was so embbaresed I was completly naked with this boy an he was laughing he was about 17 he came in with me to the bathroom he said to me I think I should wash you that way nothing is done wrong I told him no an to get out the bathroom he spanked my hinny an made me get in the tub he washed me I didn’t let him see my hoo haw I covered it an he said so your 14 an still wear diapers I said no she was kidding he said no she gave me one to put on you she says you wet the bed a lot an she wants me to check an see if you have a rash on what she calls your little hoo haw an he laughed he told me to move my hand so he can wash down their I said no u can’t an he slapt my butt an told me that my mom said he can spank me an punish me so he said if I was bad again then he would make me go outside naked I was scared he would really do it so I lifted my hands an he cleaned me when we were done he told me to laydown on the bed so he can put the diaper on an I did put I was so embarresed I went pee pee on the floor he said I was bad he looked around my hoo haw an found a rash he put the cream on an made me sit on the drive way in my diaper for a lil while I was hopeing so much that none of my friends would pass by an see then all of the sudden around the corrner came this cute boy I liked he saw me an laughted then the boy took out his phone an took a pic I ran to the front door he let me in an said if I’m bad again he will make me go out but naked this time so he gave me some mac an chesse I wanted revenge I thoght an then when I was done he told me to go to bed an he will chech on me in a bit I went to my room an came down alittle bit later wearing my panties an a shirt an said ha I don’t have a diaper on he came towwards me to grab me to. Put me outside an that’s when I grabed his pants an pulled them down he got so mad he grabed me pulled up his pants an his car keys he picked me up threw me in his car an locked the doors he drove off I was so scared of enbarresment to know where we we’re going when all I had on was a small t shirt an panties with little cats on them they were.granny panites he pulled up infront of walmart an dragged me out into the parking lot an pulled the shirt off an kept me only in panties so many people laughing at me suddenly a kid I no walked up an was laughing an asked the babysitter why he was doing this to me he told the boy.that I was being bad an that I put panties on a ripped off my diaper the kid laughed more an told him that it would be funnier if he pulled off my panties so he did there I was bare butt naked I once again went pee pee from enbarresment I told my mom all that happend she didn’t belive me he told her that I ran outside naked as he tried to pull me back inside