Flash the party…..

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At the time I was 15 years old and was still in an A-cup. I was almost flat-chested, so i had trouble finding dresses to fit me. So, I was with my best friend Lexi picking out dresses for the huge cotillion dance on Friday. I was partners with Haden, a boy I had liked for 7 years, so this needed to be perfect. I found this one dress that I really liked, and it had a smaller chest, but some other chick wanted it. I told her that I found it first, but she demanded that I hand it over or she would steal it. So, naturally, I went ahead and paid for it so she couldn’t legally claim it. Me and Lexi rushed out and went to my house. Later, I was trying on the dress but my bra showed through. When I tried it on without, my junk didn’t exaclty fill the trunk. I tightened it up in the back and figured that it wouldn’t hurt to stick a few tissues in there. I did, and I looked great. Several people at the dance said that they loved my dress and that I looked beautiful in it. Obviously, Haden and I danced so well that we got the spotlight! We were the only two on the floor, and I could have sworn he looked super interested in me. His eyes were on my chest some of the time, and I couldn’t help but wish that they were real. Anyway, we were doing awesome and the song was almost over when I stumbled the tiniest bit, which caused a chain reaction. My heel broke, I fell on the floor, my dress slipped down, revealing my almost-boobs, and tissues went flying everywhere! I ran out, mortified. The next few days at school, people kept making fun of my. It actually went on for a year. I didn’t really care anymore and the joke had gotten old and dull. That was mostly because I was no longer a stuffer. I guess God heard my plea, because by the end of my junior year, I had two full C-cups. I was really proud, but I figured everyone thought I was still a stuffer. I got odd glances at my chest once in a while, and I couldn’t supress my pride and anger. So, that summer, at the future-senior party, I started a game of truth-or-dare. I dared Haden to shed his pants and undies, but he refused. I said, “If you have the guts to make fun of my size, then I’d like to see yours!” Everyone else began cheering and chanting. Haden reluctantly pulled down his pants to reveal that he did have a fair amount of down-there. He said, “How about that, Stacie?” I nodded. Next, Haden dared me to show my stuff. Everyone cheered because they knew that it was a “soft subject.” I walked up to the front of the room, lost my shirt, and BAM! undid my bra. Everyone stared in amazement. But, just at that moment, my DAD walks in and LOOKS THROUGH THE WINDOW. Turns out, I brought his phone instead of mine by accident and he came to return mine and get his back. But instead of leaving with his phone, he left with me and my bare C-cups. And I was grounded for 3 months for “flashing” the party. And my dad saw me naked. How embarrassing!!!!! Uggh……:/
Love, Stacie