my older sister was having a slumber party

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One time a few months back my older sister was having a slumber party with a couple of her girlfriends.
The morning of her party, while I was getting dressed I really had to take a shit.
I ran, nude, to the bathroom and barged in without knocking, walking in on my sisters best friend, totally naked and putting make up on.
We both screamed when we saw eachother, but she quickly stopped trying to cover up and pointed at my dick, laughing.
“YOU’RE SO SMALL!” She had screamed.
The noises had attracted my older sis and the other guest.
They both ran in and saw me and started laughing too.
The humilliation of it all, the sight of the naked girls tits bouncing around as she laughed at me made my cock get hard, which of course made me harder.
Then, to make things even worse, I took a shit on the floor. The humilliation of it all made me fully hard, and I turned and ran.
I jerked my hard cock in my room, thankful they didn’t follow me.
But my sister never lets that go, and everytime I see her friends I get a hardon.