Swim Race Forfeit

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The summer before high school a couple of friends and I spent several weeks at a lake house. One of their older brothers was supposed to be chaperoning but he spent most of his time at his girlfriend’s lake house. I think that’s the reason he volunteered in the first place.

Anyway, being a bunch of teenage guys pretty much unsupervised left us with lots of wild stories to tell. One of in particular that comes to mind is one of our days at the beach.

Though our lake house was on the water front, there wasn’t a beach only a dock for a boat. So we usually went swimming at the public beach about a mile away.

On one particular day, after a couple of hours of goofing around at the beach one of my friends suggested we race to an island in the middle of the lake. Another one of my friends then said the loser should have to do a forfeit. After some talking we agreed the last one to the island gets buried naked.

So we raced and being the smallest of us I lost. My friends found a more secluded part of the island and began to dig a ditch in the sand. They dug pretty far from the water so it was about eighteen inches deep before they hit the water line.

Unfortunately now was the moment to pay up. I untied my swim trunks and then took a quick look around before pushing them down. I quickly covered up with my hands. My friends did the usually teasing about my lack of body hair and made the completely untrue comments about the size of my cock. After a few light smacks to my butt I laid down in the ditch. I wanted to keep my hands over my crotch but they insisted I put them at my side. I eventually relented.

The quickly pushed the sand back over me and then piled a lot more on top. I probably had two feet of moist sand on top of me and it felt like it weighed a ton. They asked if I could get out but after a few minutes trying I told them I could barely move. To which they said good.

Then they began digging the sand away from my midsection. At first I thought they were going to unbury me but soon I realized they just wanted to expose my cock. I shouted at them to stop but there was little I could do. Soon enough there was a thirteen year old kid buried on the beach with only his head and cock exposed. After that my friends said goodbye and then ran off with my swim trunks.

I think I cursed more than I ever had in my life at that moment. I mean here I was with my cock and balls exposed and completely unable to cover up. I could only hope they came back before someone else found me.

I had probably only been squirming in a failed attempt to get out before I heard voices coming towards me. I froze and prayed they were my friends. But as they got closer I realized they were female voices.

Before long several girls came around a bend and spotted me. They looked to be anywhere from nine or ten to sixteen. The oldest smiled at me and I smiled back hoping they’d just walk by and not realize I was naked, exposed, and helpless. It was not to be my luck. I could feel my face turning red as they changed course and headed right to me. It wasn’t long before they realized something wasn’t completely right and soon enough I had four girls looking at my naked cock and balls.

They all stood around giggling for a little while. They asked me why I was like this to which I replied some friends did this to me. I begged for them to unbury but they just giggled and looked. The youngest one finally reached into the hole and touched my cock. She just poked it like it was some kind of curiosity.

The other girls were less timid in their examination. Soon I had several hands squeezing my balls and pulling at my cock. With all the manipulation it wasn’t long before my cock began to harden. Everyone began to laugh and tease me even more. The youngest girl just looked at it and asked why it was doing that. The oldest laughed and told her she’d understand soon.

The oldest one now took charge and began to methodically stroke my cock. I begged her not to do this but she just smiled and continued stroking. Soon I began to whimper and not long after I shot several small loads into the air to the girls’ screams. After that they agreed to unbury me if I would let them fully examine my nude body. It wasn’t much of a choice but I agreed.

The dug me out and then proceeded to feel every inch of my body. They even felt between my ass crack. As a finale they turned me over and spanked me till my butt was red then stroked my cock till it was hard again and sent me on my way.

I’m sure if anyone had seen me running on that island they would have burst out laughing; buck naked, red assed, and hands trying to hide a raging hard on. I quickly ran back into the water and swam towards shore. Once I got close I swam parallel to the beach in search of my friends. I finally found them at the end of the beach by some rocks. Thankful that they chose a place with some cover I quickly swam up to them.

I shouted to them to throw me my swim trunks but they told me I had to come to them. After checking to make sure no one was nearby I quickly dashed out of the water to my friends. As soon as I reached them they tackled me and forced my hands behind my back. Then they tied them there with what I later found out was the drawstring of my swim trunks.

Of course I was yelling at them the whole time to let me go and that this wasn’t fair but they just ignored me. Once my hands were secured behind my back they stood me up. One of them then reached down and stroked my cock to a full erection. Then they pushed me from behind the rocks onto the beach.

The beach wasn’t packed but it was still summer so there was a fair amount. Too many in my mind for my friends to be dragging me naked with an erection through it. But that’s what they did; past screaming girls and laughing kids and clicking cell phone cameras. I tried as best I could to cover myself but they moved too fast.

After what seemed like hours we reached the end of the beach. My friends let me go and then raced off with my swim trunks yelling that they’d see me at the lake house. I immediately ran into a small patch of woods to hide. After few minutes I worked up the courage to head back to the lake house.

The walk was comparatively uneventful. I hid in the woods along the road whenever I heard cars coming and I only met a few people who laughed at my predicament. Finally I reached the lake house where my friends untied me and gave me my swim trunks back.

Unfortunately that wasn’t the end of embarrassment on that trip. That was my only pair of swim trunks and without the drawstring they didn’t stay up very well. Every time we went swimming my friends would pants me and if I ever wore underwear those would be taken off too and then they’d run off leaving me naked and stranded again.