I was in the beach

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I was in the beach with some friends and 2 were girls and 7 were boy. So I was in the sea and one of the boys said that if I took everything off he also would, so I did, he got my biquini and left me naked on the water, after a few hours I didn’t had other choice either to go out naked, so I did. All the boys got their phone and took picture. My friend that got my biquini said if I did some sexy positions to the pics he would give my biquini back, so I did some pouse sexy and my friend didn’t gave my biquini back he said that for that to happen all of them + some strangers had to touch me wherever they want, I agreed and I had my boobs, vagina and ass being touch, lick and squeezed. My girl friends were watching and asking bis. I was quite in enjoying in the beginning but after they all looked like psycho over body. One had the face right between my boobs. They even did a competition on who could lick all my body faster, the winner prize was to bite my vagina and boobs wildly.