Embarrassing baptism

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I grew up in a Southern Baptist church, and was saved when I was 15 which meant that I was to be baptised. What happens is that the preacher takes you into some pool of water, and dunks you backwards completely underwater. Our church used a small pond near the church for baptisms. Chairs are brought out, and the church service happens at the lake. My mother thought I should be dressed in white for this event, so she bought me a white cotton shirt and white cotton pants to wear, both being thin enough to supposedly dry easily. She told me not to wear underwear so I wouldn’t have to deal with wet underwear afterward. After you’re dunked, you stand with the preacher while the church sings and stands in line to shake your hand. What my mother did not anticipate, and what no one told me until it was over, is that when I came out of the water, the thin cotton cloth stuck to me like paper and went almost completely see through, so I was standing there all but naked while the entire church one by one got a close up. I don’t know if at the time no one cared, or were too embarrassed to say anything, or didn’t want to embarrass me, or thought it was too funny to stop, but no one said a thing. I found out when it was over when I was standing with the group of kids my age and I noticed that they were all giggling. When I asked what was so funny, one of my friends asked me if I always leaned to the left. When I said “what?”, he pointed at my crotch. When I looked down, I probably went bright red because I was still very visible. At least there was some sense of humor about it. To this day, people tease me for being the only person to have attended that church wearing a birthday suit.