The day I’ll never forget…naked

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Hi my name is Liana so yes I am a girl. I had just got finished with gym class, I was 16 at the time. Before I took a shower which I never did except this time I needed to, I put my clothes on the outside of the shower hanging over a wall. After I was done, I found all my clothes and shoes were gone. No towels either. I didn’t know what to do so I just started to freak out. I covered my self up with my hand and my arm and walked out. At this time I was shaking in embarrassment and no one else was in the locker room but me, well at least I thought. The door had opened and in came my friend who was shocked because I was completely naked. She told me to hide but I told her no I needed to get to class. I was getting cold and I was soaked because I didn’t get to dry off, and before I knew it everyone started coming into the locker room. There I was standing there naked, in front of at least 25 – 30 girls who were fully clothed including my friend. I was so freaked out I peed allover the floor and everyone was like EWWWWW you’re gross! I just ran without thinking into the hall way crying. I know, I was dumb…biggest mistake of my life because guys, girls, teachers, basically everyone you can think of in the hall was there staring at me. I tried covering my self but at that point they already saw my parts. I dropped to my knees and cried more. I hated how I finished peeing right there cause that made things worse. Everyone there just was disgusted and I felt so ashamed. One kid came over and spit on me and told me I was pitiful and should kill myself. Another came over and crouched down next to me trying to touch me, but I fought him as much as I could. He did feel my private part but I tried as much as I could. He then called me a bitch because he got a little bit of my pee on his hand and told me to go die. A teacher came over, he had to be about almost 30 years old and took me into his office while he went to go get some clothes for me. I was so embarrassed I thanked him and went home early. For the rest of the year, everyone that saw me made fun of me for what had happened.