Truth or dare gone wrong!!!


I’m a 14 year old girl by the way. A friend named Lucas invited me to his party. I accepted and I thought there were going to be a couple of girls who were my friends there. Well I was tricked! I was the only girl at the party. Lucas said it was a sleepover also. His parents were out of town for the weekend and they’d be coming tomarrow (Monday) afternoon. When everyone at the party was in Lucas’ room Gabe suggested we play truth or dare ao we did. When it was my turn I asked for dare (such a mistake!) The boys dared me to strip naked, pour water on me and put dog food on myself. So I stripped my face hot with embarrassment and the guys put water everywhere I lay down on the cushion and Lucas puts dog food on me! But he put way more dogfood on my vagina and boobs! Lucas called Sammy (the dog) in and Sammy licked my body like it was heaven. The boys laughed and whistled as Sammy licked. When I was done I ran upstairs to take a shower and the boys slapped my butt. Jon thought it would be funny to rip down the shower curtain and put a sack over my head. They put Lucas’s moms bikkini on me. It was SUPER BIG on me. The boys told me to go run around the block or else they would post the dog food video online. So as I got outside I passed a house that had a lot of kids in it all from school! They obviously told more kids to come out because well you can guess. As I made it back to the house the bikkini top came undone and dropped same with the bottom! Now I was completely naked infront of everyone!!! They whitsled catcalled me and they ran over to slap my butt! I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo embarrassed. I went inside and told the guys I wanted to leave they said I coudn’t and they slapped my naked butt. When I got on the bus the next day every boy whitsled and slapped my butt as I passed. Then as I sat down a boy even took my skirt and threw it out a window! I called him a jerk! This was the most embarrassing day of my life!