!!!gym dare

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We were playing truth or dare behind the huge bleachers in the gym. i got dared to climb up inside the bleachers with my crush and kiss. well we were balancing on bars across from each other, but he lost his balance, and fell forward. he grabbed my boobs accidentallly to catch his balance, but when he got up, we just started kissing… for a long time. 🙂 then we were trying to get down when my shirt got caught on a nail, so that when i jumped down, my entire shirt caMe off. it was horriblle, coz then i tripped and fell, and my crush tried to catch me, but got my bra instead, which flung way up to the top of the bleachers. i was naked, so i was trying to climb while covering myself, but i fell, and my too big panties and shorts fell off too! then my crush tried to get ut, but a screw ripped his shirt. finally, a janitor came, and LOCKED THE DORRS TO UNDER THE BLEACHERS. we were stuck there all night, naked. he fingered me and i got an orgasm and screamed so loud that a guard came and saw us, completely naked.