The whole year saw me naked.

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I’m a 15-year old girl and it happend when I was about 13.

About two years ago our teachers had decided to do an “mini olypics” at our school. I tried my best to avoid the teachers signing people up for events as I was shy and hated sports. I was doing quite well until the last day when my form tutor spotted me and asked if I’d like to do the skipping tornament. I tried to make up excuses but she wouldn’t listen, so I gave in. Those few weeks I was so nervous, I knew I wouldn’t do well and I was petrified of getting up in the hall infront of my whole year. What was worse was that we were given outfits to “get us in the spirit”. The girls would have short dress-like outfits and the guys would have t-shit and shorts. The colour would depend on what team you were on.
So there I was, the big day, in a stupid bright yellow mini-dress that was way too big for me. It was almost falling down! I’d also forgotten to put on a bra that day so I was a little self concious about that, but I was sure It would be okay. I didn’t know I would later regret thinking this.
Anyway, it was soon my turn and I got up in front of the whole school to do a 30 second skip. As I started skipping a few people started giggling at the front. I looked down and realised my boobs were just about visable and my dress was falling down. I quickly paniced which caused me to loose consentrasion and trip on the rope.
I got up straight away, and my dress fell down. I don’t know what happend really, I think my nickers must of got caught on my dress and gone down with it. All I knew was that I was there, in front of the whole school, naked.
Your probably thinking what happend next? Well people started laughing, as you would guess. Loads got out of there seats and started taking pictures. I tried to get my clothes back on but i was in to much of a state. I was so embarrased that I pissed myself, right them and there. This caused more laughter, and by them alot of people were filming. People shouted “EWWW!” and then one person started up a chant of “HAHA YOUR NAKED”.
The teachers eventually got them to stop and told me to go to the nearest toilets to get cleaned up. I ran out the hall and quickly into one of the toilets. A teacher followed me and passed me my clothes under the toilet door. “There only joking, none of them will remember by next term” I remember her saying. I managed to whisper back a “yeah” as she went out the toilets.

I guess the lucky thing is that when I got home I found out my dad had got a promotion so we had to move house anyway. Which meant I had to move school. I still remember that day but I guess these things happen.. I’m sure everyone has something like this. In a way, if I’m honest, It got me stronger. I’m not the shy pushover I used to be anymore, I can now stick up for myself and I won’t take any abuse from anyone.