Strip Poker

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It was sunday night and me and my friends were in my house playing Poker. When my parents went out of the house, one of my friends, call Katie, suggested to play Strip Poker, boys vs. girls (Mike and me versus Katie and Susan). Well, we accepted and we started. In the first hands, we had very good luck, leaving Katie and Susan in underwear. But in the next hands, our luck dissapppear and we were stripped to our boxers. In the last hand, we make that Katie and Susan drop off their bras. Mike’s luck continued, but my luck finished there. In this hand, I lose with Katie cards, and, for my horror, I had to strip naked. I took off my boxers and I tried to cover my penis, but Katie said “without covering, this is strip poker.” Well, I left my penis in full view for thew two girls, who laugh instantly, because they said that my penis was very small. But the bad moment doesn’t end there. First, I had to wait naked to the end of the game. At end, Mike and Katie were naked and Susan maintain her panties. Well, it comes the time of punishment. First, Katie wants to Mike and I compair our dicks size. The wait and cold night do that my penis shrinks, and when we compared. Mike’s penis was five inches bigger than mine. This make Katie and Susan laugh, and then, they dare me to run around the house naked. When I was finishing the race, my neighbor’s hot mom come outside. She saw me naked and recommended to go inside my house because the night was so cold (ironic way to say that my penis was small). But when I was going inside Katie close the door. Two seconds later, she shout: “Prepared to show your tiny weenie to all school” and after I can cover my penis, I was pushed inside and showing my penis to all girls of my school. What a Shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!