Caught bathing

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Well i am a 15 year old girl. Last year i was being too lazy to have a bath. My mom ‘requested’ me for i guess half hour to get up from the bed and have a bath. Finally she lost her cool and dragged me in the bathroom, stripped me and started giving me a bath. Being lazy i was sort of enjoying being given a bath, so i didn’t resist. While this was happening a lady from next door came to see my mom, and my sister bought her all the way to bathroom to talk with my mom. So there i was a 14 year old girl, nude, covered in soap, caught being given a bath by her mom. It was so shameful, i was compeletly exposed and had nothing to cover myself. The lady started laughing and ofcourse sis joined her in ridiculing me. It is so embarrasing, even today after a year, the lady starts laughing when she sees me and asks if i had my bath and calls me baby. And the worse part is mom doesn’t think sis did anything wrong. She says i desreved it for being lazy.