Surprise Pants Pull

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This happened a couple years ago in school, when I was 8. A girl in my class there named Kelly did a special report in front of the class about a talent she had, and she decided to do a magic trick. She was good at it, and the trick looked real, and a bunch of us kept begging her to please show us another magic trick. I was the last one who kept on begging her at recess, and she kept saying No, I don’t have any more tricks with me. But I kept on asking and asking her to show us another trick until she got annoyed, but finally she got this sly look on her face, and said, Fine, I do have another trick I could show all of you. So a whole bunch of us from the classes got around to watch and she said since I was asking for it the most, I would have to be her assistant. She said, Are you all ready for a great trick, one you’ll remember forever? We were excited, and said, Yeah! I stood up front with Kelly by the playground in front of all the other kids, and Kelly told me to put my arms up in the air straight over my head. Okay, I said, putting my arms up, but what kind of trick can I-? All of a sudden, when I was still talking, Kelly reached over to me, and in front of everyone there she grabbed the front of my pants, and pulled them down to my ankles! I was so shocked I just gasped! She had almost got my boxer shorts down too, but they were still hanging up around my waist by just enough to keep them up. I’ve always been a skinny little guy though, and when my hips moved just a little bit, my BOXERS fell all the way down to my ankles, too! All the girls around there were screaming and pointing at me and saying OMG, and what could I do but reach down real quick and pull my pants and underwear back up again, my face all red like a beet? It was just SO embarrassing! I couldn’t believe Kelly had humiliated me like that, pulling down my boxer shorts and letting girls see my naked little winky!