Scout camp pantsing

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I’m a boy 13 years old, and my scout troop is always pantsing someone at our scout camps, but that’s only if someone starts it. I’ve never been pantsed at camp before, but Alex has tried before. Usualy he’s the one to start, pantsing someone like mark, but not this year. We where in the woods making one of two lean-too’s, and the leader went back to camp to get some rope, so it was just me and Alex. Alex had nothing better to do than just standing around, and at one point he was standing on a small log with his feet close to each other with his arms on his hips stareing off into the woods away from me, added that most people wear loose sweat pants at camp (including me), he was in the perfect position for me to pants him. So I did, and his pants came down to his feet, showing his red boxers. Of corse, when I pantsed him, there was no one around, I’m not brave enough to pants him around people, because he’s usually the one to do the pantsing. So the leader and the other kid helping out came back. And we continued to build like normal, except I kept one hand in my pocket, to prevent Alex from pantsing me. The only time I took my hand out was when I was asked to tye a knot. Of corse, Alex just had to take the small oppertunity, and pants me back. The difference being that there was two other people around, one of which was a leader, and in additon to pulling my pants down to my feet, he also slightly pulled down my underwear, luckily not enough. I quickly pulled them back up. Well, when we met mark coming up to the site, of corse alex had to brag about how he pantsed me, except he said that he pulled my underwear too, I had to correct him and then tell mark that I had already pantsed Alex first. Well, this being Alex, when he went back to camp he would attempt to pants other campers (i’m not sure if he got anyone) when the leaders weren’t around. This must of cought the eye of one leader, though. Anyways, later, after one of the leaders had finished teaching us some new knots, he went to help cook leaving us three (me, Alex, and mark) alone with the ropes. So we test each other to see how long it takes us to untie ourselves from another one tying us up. After a few rounds, mark asked me to tye his hands using two ropes. I do, and he gets up to walk around while he works at the knots. As he walked by, his dad (a leader) tried to pants him! They only came to his knees, but this made Alex get up and try to finish what mark’s dad had started. Soon to be follow’d by a group of 1st years who where investigating the commotion. So mark found the nearest chair and sat. I feel kinda bad, because part-way through his struggle he asked me for help, and I just stood there. Well, sitting down did help, they didn’t get his pants any lower than his knees when he finally undid the knots. Later I offered to tye up other’s hands. The only one to offer was an small 1st year who wasn’t there when mark was pantsed, so everybody cut him some slack, even Alex. I’m pretty certain that there where more pantsings that camp, I just can’t remember them. We should be having another scout camp soon, so I might have another story soon. 😉 also, for Christmas I got a camera, so, if where lucky I might have a YouTube link.

P.S. this happened during our fall camp.