I made a cocky bet and lost!


I made a bet with someone (not a friend) who I was arguing with. I was SO sure I was right that I bet them, and said they could name their prize if they won. I never thought for a second I’d be wrong and lose the bet!

They chose to make me get totally naked on Omegle.com and masturbate for 50 people, asking them to take screenshots of it and spread it around online.

Lots of people made fun of me and laughed at me for a long time but then never took the pic, meaning I had to masturbate for more people to get to my #50. Also, lots of people took pics of the screen with their cellphone and held it up so I could see!

The worst part is that there is one more part of the bet. I have to come here and describe it and offer to send pics to anyone who comments with their email! How embarrassing and going to get worse!