My Erect Penis

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This happened during my gym class. It was so hot that when I was changing, I decided not to wear my boxers and wear just my pants.
We happened to play dodge ball and the gym teacher, who is so hot and sexy, talked to me about how to improve my skills. Seeing her boobs made ma have an erection.
The teacher then left the room to get some gym supplies. Then while I was talking to my so called ‘friend’ about dodge ball someone sneaked up behind me and took off my pants! I only had my pants on so everyone saw my fully erect penis!
The guy who pansted me yelled, “HEY LOOK GREG IS NAKED AND HAS AN ERECTION!!!” This bought everyone’s attention. I tried to cover myself up but my ‘friend’ went behind me and removed my hands!
Everyone is seeing my penis! I couldn’t even do anything while they stared and took pictures! Even worse the gym teacher came back in and SHE saw my penis too!
Back in the changing room I went in and everyone turned around and they all giggled. My ‘friend’ said “Hey Greg, nice dick. BTW, I took a picture. Want to see it?” He pretended to have lost it so while I was frowning at him, someone went behind my and took my pants off-AGAIN!
Turns out my ‘friend’ didn’t have a photo, he was distracting me! He quickly took photos on his mobile phone and gave me a quick nutshot.
While I crumpled to the ground in pain, everyone was laughing and they held me down with my penis in full view and they all took pictures!
What’s more, they posted it on Flickr and everyone saw my penis! It was soooooooo embarrassing!