What goes up must come down…even pants

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In fifth grade last year, there was this girl named Mallory who always walked around at recess, and she’d walk up to a boy sometimes when he was out there not expecting anything, and from behind him she’d pull down his pants! It was always funny for the ones of us who it never happened to before. The kid’s face would get all red and he’d try to hide his underwear by pulling his pants up fast, but we all saw him in his underwear anyway, and he’d get so embarrassed! And I always laughed with everyone else even when it happened to my group of friends. They all said I’d be sorry when it happened to me because it was real embarrassing to have Mallory yank down your pants in front of everyone like that, but I knew she wouldn’t catch me because I was too careful to let it happen.
Once, I was playing catch with a baseball and glove with a bunch of other kids at school and I saw Mallory sneak up on my friend Randy. I knew she was gonna pants him, but she saw that I saw her, and she put her finger to her lips to ask me not to say anything. I didn’t say anything because I thought it’d would be funny to see her pants Randy. She even got Randy once before, so I didn’t know why she was trying for him again. Randy threw the ball really high, and I caught it, but when I threw it back to the next kid Mallory wasn’t there anymore. When Randy got the ball again he threw me a high one, and while I was waiting for it to come down Mallory came right up behind me and she yanked my pants down to the tops of my shoes!!! And for every kid before it had just been the pants that went down, but I don’t know why this time for me, my UNDERWEAR slipped down just as easy as my pants did! A kid shouted out loud for everyone to hear “oh my god Will lost his briefs!” and it was true, my pants and underwear were down on top of my shoes, and my shirt wasn’t exactly long so I knew everyone could see my really embarrassing uncovered parts as I was standing there. I took off the baseball glove fast as I can and threw it down because I couldn’t pull up my pants with it on my hand, then I quickly pulled up my underwear and my pants with the laughing, pointing girls and boys all around me. I was so so SOOO SO SO embarrassed by them all seeing me naked like that! It was WAY worse then any other time Mallory pulled down a boys pants to embarrass him, because hello, she made my underwear fall down, too! It was the first time my pants ever fell down in front of other people, and I never felt embarrassed like that before.