Tied Up And Humiliated

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Once I was at a sleepover and I needed to go to the bathroom. I came back to the room and everyone was standing there giving me that grin that makes you feel nervous. I asked them what the hell they were thinking and they said they were going to strip me.
So they stripped me and I got mad and yelled at them. That pissed them off and they decided to humiliate me and videotape it. So they tied me up, completely naked, and started playing around with my dick. It soon got hard and I cummed. They were all laughing and then they grabbed a boot from somewhere and kicked my nuts until it hurt so much I begged for them to stop.
They decided to do one more thing and painted my cock and balls green with some paint that won’t wash off for a few days. When they let me go they hid my clothes so I had to go through the night naked, and every 10 minutes the others would make fun of me, like saying my dick was really small.
The worst part was that they had everything on video and every time I went over to their houses they would always show me the video and tell me to show my dick to them so they won’t post it on the web. It was so embarrassing since I had such a small dick.