Pantsed By My Girlfriend

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Here goes. in 5th grade I had this girlfriend named Melissa, right? She was in my grade, but not my class. She used to tell me I was so cute with my couple of freckles and brown hair, and that’s why she liked me at 1st.
One day at recess we were standing around talking by the play ground, and she’s like Natey! (thats what she always called me, I know its sort of embarrassing), you are soooo cute! Melissa put her hands into my shorts pockets, which she liked to do sometimes. She digged them in there deep, giggling kind of funny. but then she kept fooling around with her hands in my pockets, digging deeper down and giggling. I just smiled and blushed. And then suddenly Melissa pushed and pulled down so hard with her hands in my pockets that my shorts went down! They fell down all the way to my ankles! And I was more ashamed then that because (I don’t want to say, but it really happened, so here goes) my underwear got partly pulled down by her too. They fell half way down my legs! I was so embarrassed for my underwear to fall down in front of everyone so they could see me naked (there was a bunch of kids around), and Melissa gasped and her face blushed in embarrassment when she saw what she did, but only for a second before she started laughing like every one else was doing.
I pulled my underwear back up, and then my shorts, and Melissa (who still could not stop laughing) wrapped her arms around my neck in a hug and said oh, poor Natey! you must be so embarrassed! I only pulled your pants down because I wanted to see how cute you looked in your little underwear! And they were super cute, Natey! (Melissa was still giggling when she said all this). Sorry I pulled your cute little underwear down too, that wasnt my fault! It was on accident!
I know I was blushing red as a tomato (because a couple seconds later Melissa told me how cute I looked blushing so hard). Melissa said again she was sorry for my underwear going down, and she walked (still giggling) with me around the play ground. But I sure didn’t let her stick her hands in my pockets again. I wanted to keep my shorts, thank you…and everything under them. I dont care how cute my underwear was.