My Brother’s Shorts Fell Down


Okay, this happened to my younger brother Brandon when he was 8 years old, or maybe he was already 9, I’m not sure. A couple of my friends were over at our house and a couple of his friends were over too. Brandon was playing tag with his friends and one of mine too, but he got in an argument about if he had tagged someone or not. Now for the embarrassing part! Well, Brandon had started liking to wear really baggy pants and shorts all the time ever since he was 5, so baggy that grownups (Mom and Dad mostly!) always warned him that one day his pants were going to fall down in public, and then he’d be real embarrassed. Brandon always said his pants would never come down. So he was arguing about tag with his friends, and he stomped his foot down really hard when he was shouting. Well…doing THAT made Brandon’s baggy shorts fall all the way down to his feet! We were all so shocked it felt like a dream, because he was standing in front of us with his white underpants showing! Brandon pulled up his shorts but his face was glowing red, haha, I never saw him look so embarrassed in his whole life! lol, I always tease Brandon about his shorts falling down when he’s with his friends, because I know he was really, really embarrassed by what happened and it’s fun to watch him blush because of it! lol Anyway, that’s my story!