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Ok Im a male and im 15, and im acctually supper small down there for my age…(only about 2 and a half inches) 🙁

So one day my friends(about 5 boys and 7 girlz) decided to have a party because the school year had just ended. One of the girlz decided for us to play strip poker and I (stupidly) accepted! boys vrs girlz, we were winning as one of the boys had lost his shirt and all or the girlz (exept one who still had her shirt and undies) were down to undies and bras! We were having a fun time until I started a losing streak. I was down to only my boxers when the insults started…

When I took off pants and was only in boxers the girlz took a look under the table to see if there was a big bump down there or not. They couldnt see any bump and they said giggling that I must wear extra padding:(

Then I lost the next time and I had to take my boxers off! I slowly took them off and tried to cover as best as I could(It wasnt very hard considering my sise). All the girlz and some of the boys started laughing and they all shouted NO COVERING!!!!. I was really embarassed by then and things were about to get worse. They forced me to keep my hands by my side and they all started laughing hystaricly!!!!! They said WOW is all you got?!?!? Then one of my friends pushed me down and wreseled me to the ground, I fell and he held me down while the girlz laughed and took pictures of my super small dick. I was super sad embarassed and mad at the same time!
Then the girl I had a crush on Jenn, got even closer and first flicked my dick and then while another girl HELD MY DICK IN HER HAND Jenn compared it to her finger! They laughed soooo hard!