Suddenly Stripped

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Oh, well…I know that I always get embarrassed easy—my faces blushes really red when something embarrassing happens, and my sister Angela and her friends (theyre all two years older then me) used to make fun of me by tugging on my pants, and they’d start to come down a little but I’d try to grab hold and keep them from falling down—sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. Especially when my pants fell down and they saw me in my underwear I’d feel really embarrassed and my face would blush super red, and they thought it was hilarious and they’d laugh and laugh and say things like “Aww, Jake, you’re blushing!” but I couldn’t help it because I always blush when I get embarrassed. Well one day—I was probably like, 9…my sister’s friend Terri was laying on the floor of my sister’s room, and I was standing next to her wearing a pair of baggy blue shorts that I shouldn’t of worn standing that close to Terri since they were easy shorts to pull down and Terri likes to pants me most of all when she’s bored. My sister was there too, and a bunch of her other friends, and no one was really doing anything and I was just standing against the closet, and suddenly Terri reached up and tugged hard on my shorts! And they were baggy and I wasn’t expecting it, so my blue shorts came right down to my ankles and all the girls there—I guess they were 11, could see my underwear! So I screamed and I pulled my shorts back up and I felt my face start blushing red from embarrassment while they started all laughing and teasing me, but then Terri reached up again just when I was taking my hands away and…Ugh, she grabbed my shorts again but from the top, and she pulled them down to my ankles again!…………I screamed again, but when I looked down I thought I must be having a bad nightmare, because when Terri pulled my pants down from the top she also grabbed…yikes, this was EMBARRASSING…she grabbed my underwear too, and now they were down on top of my baggy shorts at ankles. My sister screamed when she saw I was part naked now, and her friends started screaming when they saw the naked parts of me, and I grabbed onto my underwear and shorts and tried pulling them up fast, but my hands were shaking! My face was blushing SO red from embarrassment, and I’m the one who gets embarrassed so easy! Terri and my sister and her friends were laughing so hard they could hardly breathe, and I got outta there fast. That was the most embarrassing moment of my whole entire life, and I don’t think it gets more embarrassing! I remember what it felt like when I saw that Terri pulled my underwear down in front of all those girls, and my face turns bright red even when I think about it. That was a couple of years ago, but Angela’s friends still tease me about losing my underwear right there in front of them, and they still pants me and I get really embarrassed. But that night was the most embarrassing of all!