Sleeping In The Nude

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Ugh, I really was dumb this day. It was a really long day at school, so after I took a quick shower (I take showers in the afternoon so I can stay up late playing games) I fell asleep. Without clothes. First mistake.
Now, I have a brother and he’s really annoying. Maybe not annoying, but he has a habit of walking into rooms without knocking. Usually I lock the door, but today I forgot. Second mistake.
Anyway, my brother walked in and he saw me all naked with my dick showing and all that, and since he’s one of the only guys I know who can hold back a laugh, he didn’t make much noise.
My brother likes to take photos, and so mum bought him a camera, and so…well, you probably guessed.
So, my brother sent the photos to all his friends, and (I don’t know why I say this) since everyone always thoght my dick was super-small since I’m a bit on the short side, well they got their proof. My dick is small.
The next day everyone was smiling at me and I didn’t notice it since I wasn’t paying attention, and after when I got home my brother was grinning to himself like he had a secret, which he had.
So, I asked him what was he smiling about, and he showed me this photo with me sleeping and my small dick showing, and I really got annoyed. Why was I so stupid? Anyone with that photo could easily blackmail me, and my brother, of course, did.
My brother, being all clever and planning ahead, only sent it to his friends. So, only the school knows. For now. Using the picture, he got me into all sorts of crazy stuff like letting him kick me, ding his homework for him, and all kinds of other super-embarassing stuff that I don’t want to mention.
So, after a week of torturing, he finally decided that he won’t send it to flickr or something, but to this day, whenever I think of this, I still get annoyed. Why did I fall asleep, totally naked, face up, with the door unlocked?
P.S. If you want to see the picture, good luck. Most of my brother’s friends got bored with it and deleted it.