Pee Pee Pants

DownUp (+1 rating, 7 votes)

When I was 13 and my teacher made me 45 minutes before i could go to the bathroom. I couldn’t hold it any longer so i knelt by the book shelf in the back corner of the room and peed a LOT, but i forgot I was wearing tights…my friend told my teacher that my tights were wet,i made up a ridiculous story and my teacher didnt believe me so she asked me to pull up my dress. Obviously i refused. The teacher didnt notice but while all my classmates were watching she pulled me from behind her desk and pulled my dress to see my wet crotch and panties! Since I was embarrassed, it made me peed even more right in front of everyone. She then called my mother to inform her, my mom has made me wear diapers ever since then.