Losing My Boxers


Oh, this was REALLY embarrassing. When I was 10 I was in my house and I was changing clothes in my room, so I had on only my shirt and my boxer shorts. Mom called me from downstairs but I couldn’t hear what she said, and I started coming out of my room still with my pants not on, and standing right there was two girls from my class! They had came over to ask me if they could borrow my math book, but their mouths were wide open and they were staring at me there in my underwear! Now here’s where it gets really, REALLY embarrassing, like it wasn’t bad enough. My sister Katy, who was 6, came up behind me from in her room, and I think she didn’t see the two girls in front of me right away, so she when she saw me standing there in my underwear she decided to play a teasing game that she sometimes does with me. Anyway, I could feel her little hands grab my undershorts (yeah, it WAS that bad), and then I felt them slide down my legs, and the first thing I saw was how BIG the eyes of the two girls in my class got as they were both staring at the same part of my body, and you don’t need two guesses to guess where that was. My boxer shorts had gotten pulled all the way down to my ankles, and from the waist down I was as nude as the day I got born, right in front of the two girls. I screamed out loud, and I pulled up my boxers as fast as I can and I ran away to my room. My face was feeling burning hot embarrassed, and my heart was beating hard, and I hid in my closet until they left. I tried to stay away from them at school after that, especially since every time I got close to them they would whisper to the other girls around them and laugh looking at me, and sometimes they even tried to pants me when they didn’t think I was guarding against it! That was THE most embarrassing day ever. Well, for me at least.