Acting like a baby didnt turn out well!

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I am a 8 year old girl, and this story happened last year at my friends house.

Being a very earlly developer i started puberty at the age of 7. I was at my friends house and we were daring each other stuff. She dared me to ask her mum to treat us like little babys. So she did. It started with her asking us to have a bath and she bathed us. I had a mini bush down below at the time and i didnt take much notice at it. So her mum made us get into a bath which the water was only up to our thighs (as it would be for little kids). So my pubic hair was really visible. MY friend was staring at it and then looked up and said “Katy you have something on your fanny” (fanny is what we called it). I said “yeah i know but i dont know what it is”. So my friend (being young and innocent) went to touch it. I was getting embarrassed at the time (not knowing what it was) and started crying. Her mum started comforting me and got me out of the bath and put me on her lap. After i was happy again, my friends mum said i could put my clothes back on seeing as i was embarrassed, but being fine now, i didnt want to. So my friend didnt either. My friends mum had to explain to us about puberty and what was happening to me, while my friend was staring at it.

Now, a year later, being more mature, i am really embarrassed about what happened. I still go over my friends house, and its so awkward when i sit at the dinner table with them, and still, to this day my friend always asks me if its still there!