College tradition

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I got engaged during my senior year of college. Our school had this weird tradition that I hadn’t thought about until it happened to me. A couple of nights after announcing our engagement, a bunch of my friends busted through the door of my room. Before I knew what was happening, they had stripped off all my clothes and were carrying me out.

The tradition was called “treeing”. Guys who got engaged were tied up naked in front of one of the girls dorms until his fiancee came to rescue him. It was one of those things that the local police ignored because it was happening on campus, and the campus police ignored because it was tradition.

Anyway, they carried me to the largest girls dorm and tied my wrists and ankles to the dorm sign, which was right on the street and right in front of the main entrance. In a couple of minutes most of the dorm was out in the yard hollering and cheering over another treeing. And no one was about to break the tradition by doing anything about it until my fiancee showed up. The bad thing was, my friends didn’t bother to make sure they would know where my fiancee was before they did this. This was before cell phones, so it took them about an hour to find her, with me on mass public display the whole time.