Sister pulls down shorts

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When I was ten years old, I was having my birthday party with I think nine friends from my school over at my house, and a couple of them were girls and my sister (she’s 8) was there, too. I kept making fun of her because she wasn’t very fast during the games, and I kept laughing at her and saying she should just go back in the house and leave us alone. She got kinda mad, and she came back out with these trick handcuffs that she got in a magic set, and she yelled that she bet that I couldn’t get out of them. So I let her put them on me behind my back since I thought I could get them off, but there was some kind of little button I didn’t know where to find. All the other kids were watching me. Then she asked me if I really couldn’t get out of the handcuffs, and I said I couldn’t, and she said are you REALLY stuck for real? I said yes, so she should get them off me now, and then I was REALLY sorry that I made fun of her before, because she sneaked up behind me and pulled down my shorts to my ankles!!! That would have been bad enough, but too bad for me when she grabbed my shorts she also by luck grabbed my underpants, and they came right down to my ankles, too!!!! Oh my gosh I could feel my face getting SO blushing red, but I couldn’t even pull up my shorts OR underpants because my hands were still handcuffed behind my back. The other kids were all staring at my privates and laughing at me being TOTALLY embarrassed, and I begged them to help me but they didn’t, and my sister laughed and said her trick was even better than she hoped because my underpants came down, too and she said she wouldn’t help till I said sorry for being mean before! I said I was SO, SOOOOO sorry, and so she finally pushed the button and let me pull my shorts and underpants back up again. Oh my gosh, I was SO humiliated! I didn’t think my own sister would embarrass me THAT much, that she would actually pull down my underpants in front of people!!!