Onstage Depantsing

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When I was 9 I was in a play at school, and in the play another kid there was supposed to get mad and pull down my pants and underneath I was gonna wear a pair of shorts that looked sort of like boxer shorts and pretend to be all embarrassed when it happened. Okay, the thing is the shorts weren’t really my underwear, they were only supposed to look like it and I was supposed to wear regular underwear underneath the shorts (the teacher was joking once and said if the fake boxers fell down and I was in my real underwear on the stage at least I wouldn’t have to pretend about the being embarrassed part) , but everything always went okay in practice and it was May and it was too hot to wear three things like that so I didn’t wear any underwear underneath the fake boxer shorts (I think you might know what’s gonna happen). So we were all nervous on the night we did the play on stage in front of all the kids and our moms and dads, and I think Annie (um, she’s the kid who’s supposed to pull down my pants in the play) she was kind of nervous when she came to that part about the pants, and (oh, this was just SO embarrassing…) she grabbed onto my pants too hard with her fingers and grabbed too much clothes, since I think she had too much extra nervousness, and she pulled down my pants and…(oh, my face was blushing SOOOO red!) yeah, she sorta grabbed onto my fake boxers too and pulled them both all the way down to the tops of my shoes, exposing my real private areas to everyone. All the audience people were supposed to gasp and be shocked since most of them didn’t know about the pants pulling thing that was part of the play, but ALL of us even in the play too gasped and couldn’t believe it…I was all of a sudden out there in front of everyone with my pants and underwear pulled down to my little ankles! Everybody in the whole place was staring right at my nudeness and my private parts, and I tried to snatch up my pants quickly but it took me way too long because my hands were shaking and my face was burning red and I felt SOOOOO, SOOOOOO embarrassed and even the parents in the audience couldn’t stop from laughing really loud for a long time and we had to wait to keep going until they could stop. I think my face kept getting redder and redder that whole time. All the other kids looked embarrassed for me, Annie the most since she did it, but they all saw me naked, and they couldn’t stop laughing either. Oh, my nine years old me was totally, TOTALLY embarrassed!