Female Coaches Saw Me Nude, Laughed at Me

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I live in the midwest & couple years ago went to a baseball camp for a couple weeks.There were two women coaches cuz of all the girls taking up sports now. They were in there early 20s in college & kind of pretty. One was a redhead the other a Latina with small boobs. But anyways I was only 13 then and wasn’t really into girls yet.Thats changed over the past two years when I got into high school. Most of the boys got two guy coaches but all the girls and half the boys including me got the two women coaches.They seemed ok and could really play ball and stuff. felt kinda weird at first having two women teaching you & showing you how to field, bat and stuff but they knew what they were talking about.The girls and boys took turns showering & changing. The coaches office was right next to the showers with a glass window and glass door.Not very private so the two women coaches went & bought some of those slatted plastic blinds and hung them up to give us privacy.On the third day I was showering near the windows when boom, the blinds came crashing down. Guess they didnt hang them good or somethng.But I was standing under a shower head just a few feet facing the windows.They were both standing there & could see everything.Time sort of froze and they just sort of looked at me for what seemed like forever but was just a few seconds.They both started giggling, the redhead coach at least putting her hand to her mouth.I tried to cover myself then I guess realized how stupid I must have looked standing there, so I turned to run back to the lockers but slipped and fell on my ass.I could hear both of them laughing as they tried to rehang the blinds.It was even more weird the next two weeks cuz every day I had to see them knowing they saw everything. They never said anything or teased me or anything but they grinned a lot at me which just made me blush all the more around them.