Apartment viewing

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The semester that I was graduating from college, I let my landlords know that I would be moving so they could advertise the apartment. They told me that they would need to show the apartment, but they would work with me to schedule the times. I had become friends with the couple that I rented from, so I told them not to worry about arranging schedules, just knock before they came in and if I didn’t answer, go ahead and show the apartment if they had a chance.

A couple of days later I had gotten off work early and came home to shower before going to a party. I had a habit of turning on the stereo loud enough to hear while I was in the shower. The landlords had talked to me about the stereo several times, thinking that it was too loud, but I thought they were gone so it shouldn’t be a big deal.

The way the apartment was arranged, the bathroom was across the living room from the bedroom. I lived alone, so I was used to walking through the living room naked after a shower. Well, after my shower, I walked into the living room and there stood the husband trying to figure out how to turn off the stereo, and three standing in the door. And of course I wasn’t wearing a shred of anything! He had knocked, but I couldn’t hear for the stereo, so he thought he would turn it down and knock on the door to let me know they were there, and I came out before he had a chance.

So, I said “give me a second to get some clothes”. Then one of the girls said “don’t worry about it, it doesn’t bother us”, and I saw a little smirk come across the landlord’s face. “It doesn’t bother you, does it Eddie? If it did you wouldn’t have your stereo turned up so loud knowing that we need to show the apartment”. Point taken. So they came in, and they took their time looking around. I sure didn’t turn my stereo up any more after that!