Girlfriend’s family reunion

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I’ve had lots of embarrassing things happen to me, but this is the weirdest. When I was in college, I had been dating this girl for a couple of months, and she wanted me to meet her family. They were having a family reunion, which was a good opportunity to meet a lot of her extended family. This was an annual thing, where they all got together for a camping trip, This was at a large lake where there was lots of remote area.

I was going water skiing with my friends that morning, so my girlfriend and I decided that I would go skiing that morning, then they could drop me off where they were camping, and she could take me home that night. So we skiied, and then cruised the shoreline and found the campsite. My friends came with me to make sure we found the right place, and then left.

I was in wet swim trunks, so I asked my girlfriend’s uncle if there was a place I could change. This was out in the middle of nowhere, so there weren’t bathrooms or any kind of building other than tents, and a bus that someone had converted into a camper. He tells me to just go behind the bus, and he would make sure that no one came around while I was changing. Stupid me!

He thought this would be a great prank to pull on his niece, so he got another uncle to play along. As soon as I dropped my trunks and was standing there naked, they ran around the corner and grabbed both my arms. These were big guys, so I didn’t have a chance. They picked me up and hauled me from behind the bus right out in front of everyone. They drug me around the camp to make sure everyone knew what was going on. By then, everyone (about 30 or 40 people) was gathered up in a big group.

They hauled me over to a tree and tied my hands behind it. Then ran and grabbed my trunks and my bag with my clothes. While my girlfriend was trying to get me untied, her mother came over and told me that the more embarrassed I acted, the longer they would keep this going, so just chill out.

So, I got untied, and then just had to hang out with this large group of people being the only one naked. Everyone had already seen everything anyway, so I did the best I could to not act mortified, which I was. I guess I didn’t do a good enough job of not acting embarrassed, because those jerks let this go on for an hour laughing the whole time. When they finally came back with my stuff, they threw my bag up in a tree, so I had to climb up in a tree naked to get my clothes back.

That was quite an introduction to the family!