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This is truly embarrassing, and a little difficult to put online even anonymously as this is, but here goes…

I was home alone last Saturday, and after a shower, I was just walking around nude in the house, because it felt good to be able to do it. Then I was having a sandwhich and watching TV on the sofa in the nude, and I must have just doxed off laying there.

I woke up to my sister’s voice, and laughing along with her best friend, and was right there naked as they were joking and laughing trying to be quiet though. I didn’t know what to do, and I just pretended to still be asleep, but it horribly embarrassing and especially because then I got erection from being in that situation.

They started taking pictures with their cell phones, and I kind of acted like I turned over in my sleep to lay on the erection and hide it from more pictures.

Then they laughed and took some of my naked behind. I was in a no win situation, and it was getting weird, so I pretended to be waking up, and it made them run out of the room hoping I didn’t see them.

Later that day, they embarrassed me by calling me in my sister’s room and showing me the pictures on their phones. I was humiliated as they said how sexy they were.

I don’t know how long it will take to ever live this one down, or not feel embrrassed when I see my sister and her friend, especially together.