School trip

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I was 15 years old when I sufferd the most embarrassing moment of my life. The school had planned a trip to an indian resevation. Every boy and girl in my class went on that trip. We had overnight reservations in a road side motel. The whole floor was taken up by us. Half of it were boys and the other half were all girls. I joined these two girls and another boy, for night swim in the pool and latter went to my room to shower and change. When I opend the door I found the boy I was sharing the room with, playing cards with three other boys. I took my bathing suit off and jumped in the shower. They grabbed me as I came out, ripped the towel off of me and locked me out on the hall with no clothes on. I got caught bare naked by the two girls that were in the pool,trying to get the door open. I felt so embarrassed standing there with these girls laughing and knoking on door so other girls wouldn’t miss it. I could hear the boys inside the room screaming there heads off and not about to let me inside. I panicked when girls began cuming out on the hall and all I could think off, was finding some where to hide. I ended getting chaced and cornered up on the roof, surounded by every girl in my class pulling my arms away to get a look at my penis. I never got rescued, becuse the our two teacher and bus driver were having dinner and never knew what was going on. I was stuck in the roof getting a hard on and humiliating myself, in front of all those girls. I din’t dare run back down for fear of embarrassing myself to other people, so I stayed there and stopped making and efort to cover up. It was useless to cover up, so I figured the faster they allgot to see my dick, the faster I would get something on to get back to the room. I felt so stranded and humiliated I almost died of shame. Its far form over because everyone in school are going to find out that I spent that night naked on the roof losing my pride in front of all the girl form my class.