Fitting punishment

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When I was 10 and my aunt was babysitting me one day, she made me attend a birthday party for her 9 year old daughter’s friend. Being one of only about three boys there I quickly got bored. During one of the games I lifted my cousin’s dress exposing her panties to all the kids. She ran inside crying. I didn’t know my aunt had seen me do it and was surprised when she grabbed me by the hand and followed her pulling me along. We all ended up in the bathroom. She made me apologize but my cousin didn’t want to hear it, she was furious. Then my aunt told me she was going to show me how it felt to be really embarrassed. She told me to take my clothes off and I mistakenly thought she was going to make me walk out in front of everyone in my underwear. She had an even more embarrassing punishment in mind though.
After making me strip and stand facing the wall she gave my clothes to her daughter to change into. Then she put her frilly green dress, socks and shoes on me. She even put the large matching green bow in my hair! My cousin was ecstatic and skipped back out to the party announcing my predicament to everyone. While they all gathered around, I was trying to drag my feet(which was impossible in those slick bottomed shoes) and tugging to get free as my aunt was dragging me by the hand again. All the kids and moms laughed at me. I wanted to die. She made me stay like that for the rest of the party, a couple of hours, and the ride home. I’ve never been so humiliated!
I never lifted a girl’s skirt again, either!