Stuck with no clothes

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I was 14 years old when my big brother embarrassed me in front his girlfriend. He was supoused to take care of me while my parents were away. His friend came over with his girl and they all began to drink beer. He told me to take a bath an go to bed, but I was bieng a pets about it. He told his friend to hold me down and took off all my clothes in front their girlfriends. I was so embarrassed because he spanked me right in front of their girlfriends. They all laughed at me because I couldn’t help getting a boner. He said I must have enjoyed getting stripped. He picked me up and showed this girls how big my dick got and wouldn’t let me go. I was stuck there with no clothes on till the all had a good laugh at me. He finally let go of me and I ran up stairs as fast as I could. I was crying and so embarrassed I din’t even take a bath.