didn’t mean to interupt you

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me and my husband, was bf then, didn’t have a place to really share ourselves with eachother so one night around midnight we went to a nearby park. We started talking first and then one thing led to another purposely and we ended up on the second steps of the jungle gym leading up to the tunnel slide. Well in the middle of it, two guys and a girl walks up to us, they didn’t notice me at first i was on the bottom, and asked us if we had seen one of their friend pass by. we both said no and that’s when he noticed me, “Hymee, is that you under there?” he asked me, i was mortified, “no” i said softly, he stepped closer to get a better look and it finally dawned on him what we were doing.. “OMG” the girl said, the dude on the other hand was like “O alright!!” anyways after a couple seconds of awkward silence the dude tells us “didn’t mean to interupt you..” they walk off just as embarrased as we were…then the guy turned around and shouted back “go ahead, get back to what you guys were doing..” Let’s just say even though we got busted, we didn’t let it go to waste, after a few rounds of laughs we were still in the mood so we finished what we started and headed on home..